Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Sophia's First Steps

Our little Sophia then...
Our little Sophia now...

Now it is no surprise that Sophia is our first to walk. She has been taking a few steps between toys but today she walked across the room. My dh yelled and I grabbed the video camera and went a runnin'. Of course she wouldn't do it with the camera on but I did get to see it a little later.

Sophia has been the first to do everything except grow teeth and that medal has gone to Sean who is now sporting 8 teeth. Oh, and she was the last one to come home from the Hospital too. She has been so close to walking for months, she has actually been walking around on her knees. It is the strangest thing, I have never seen a child do that in my life.

Anyway we are so proud of our little Sophia. Good job, honey!!!

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  1. congratulations sophia!!! oh, the things you can do now!!