Monday, August 24, 2009

What'd I do????

Oh, look at this sweet innocent beautiful face. That is what you think when you first lay eyes on our little Sean, right? Well...WRONG. Sean trying to look as innocent as possible.
Now Sean, why is Edi crying? Do have any idea what happened to her, Sean????

Notice the big red bite mark on our little Edi's arm. Wonder who did that?

And here it is a little closer. OUCH, mama!!! do we get our little Sean to stop biting. He just keeps doing it over and over. All the kids have bruises all over their arms from him biting them. It makes me very sad. He does it even when the other kids are just standing beside him, they don't even have to be doing anything to him.
Let's hope he grows out of it soon! Mommy cannot take this too much longer, it makes me very sad. :(

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