Wednesday, August 5, 2009

STOP Biting, Sean.

We have a biter. Sean, who has a mouth full of teeth, is constantly biting the other kids.
This picture is from a couple of months ago but today he bit Sophia's hand and Henry's arm in three places. I do not know what to do. We tell him no and take him to another part of the room but he doesn't seem to care.
He bites hard too. He leaves welts and bruises on the other kids. Because I am not always in the room I have no idea how it happens. I do know that Sophia pulls hair all the time and Henry is always scratching at their faces. It is hard to tell which one is more to blame but the welts and bruises are very disturbing. Hope we figure this one out soon!!!!

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  1. so sorry girl. once you figure out how to stop the biting let us all know tho. my twins went through that too, but i think they just outgrew it more than anything i did to stop it.