Saturday, August 1, 2009

First feeding and hold

Because I have been going through all the kids clothes from this past year I have been remembering the early days. I started thinking about when they were first born and we couldn't even dress them and how when we first started dressing them their preemie clothes just hung off their little bodies. I remember how cute they looked in their first little outfits. I have been a little teary all week going through all those clothes.

I decided to post the photos of some of the firsts for our little family. This is Sophia and mommy. This was the first time Sophia ever got food. I am holding the paci and nurse Shelley is holding the NG tube. Sophia did a great job sucking on her paci and she was offered the bottle within two days!!
Sean and his daddy. This picture always brings tears to my eyes. Chris had a look of amazement and love that I had never seen before. He was so nervous and proud and full of love all at the same time.


  1. How PRECIOUS!!! You have some SUPER cute Babies!

  2. oh my, i bet you can't believe that was over a year ago. they look so tiny and your babies were good size. i'm so nervous for those tiny bodies. thanks for the pics!